Best Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs with Handle in 2023: Double-Wall Vacuum Insulated Coffee Cups Reviews

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3 Responses

  1. Angie Diamond says:

    The double wall is great for keeping it hot for longer. I also like that the Titan Gear mug breaks down. It would be practical for traveling.

  2. John Turner says:

    Also check Alibaba; you can buy direct from PRC manufacturers for a fraction of what the importers charge.

  3. Nicole Artale says:

    HELP ME PLEASE 😮 I live in Australia and was reading the Best Stainless Steel Coffee Mugs with Handle in 2018: Double-Wall Vacuum Insulated Coffee Cups Reviews—–it was exactly what I was searching for as I’ve started to use these mugs with handles at home after 2 brain surgeries – instead of breakable crockery! Now could you please tell me if you have had any experience with the brand Tru Blu? I bought 6 of these mugs from Amazon- as they were advertised as dishwasher safe and affordable, but my issue is that they’ve developed ‘rust spots’ on the mug and the ‘joints’ around the handles look a bit ‘tainted’ what does all this mean? are they just poo quality? I REALLY REALLY appreciate your knowledgable response – you would be solving a big problem for me 😁Nicolex

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